Friday, January 28, 2011

Those zany peace loving Muslims......

In Egypt the "Muslim Brotherhood" has called for protests in order to take over the Egyptian government. While this is basically anarchy,the Obama Administration is calling for the Egyptian Government to "show restraint" and allow the protests.

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on the Egyptian government to exercise restraint in dealing with protests and to respect citizens' human rights. She also cautioned demonstrators to refrain from violence. Clinton asked the government "to allow peaceful protests and reverse the unprecedented steps it has taken to cut off communications."

Respect citizen human rights? You mean allow the protestors to continue rioting? "Cautioned protestors"? Excuse me Mrs. Clinton, but your comments to the government go to the government, and your comments to the protestors go nowhere. The de-stabilization of Egypt is one of the biggest threats to Middle East peace, and our bungling apologizer Obama has shown the world that we are now too weak to respond. Thus, the Muslims feel that they have their chance and are taking it. I wonder how the Obama administration would react if it were happening here? They want to limit free speech with such things as the "Fairness Doctrine", and they dare criticize Egypt for quelling anarchy? Should Obama not back the current Egyptian government we may well be seeing the seeds of WWIII.
Now thats change we can believe in!

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