Friday, January 28, 2011

My View of the SOTU by Gayle Mahon

After having a day to digest the SOTU, I am surprised that more have not commented on the slap in our face by Obama referencing all of his glowing statements about China. It is unreal to me, that we have a President who, instead of talking about America's greatness, worships at the feet of a brutal, Communist dictatorship. I wonder what the children trapped in child labor in China or the people in Chinese prisons, whose only crime is to want freedom, would say if they could have heard Obama's speech? His praise of the Chinese educational system is unbelievable!! Children are forced to go to government controlled schools that brain wash them for 12 hours a day. Oh, wait a minute, part of that describes some of OUR public schools in this country. Women are forced to have abortions if they have more than one child - some are forceably sterilized. The comment he made, longingly, about if the Chinese government doesn't want a story in the media, it's not in the media, was a fruedian slip on his goal for our country. WAKE UP AMERICA! You can believe the Communist Chinese are laughing very loudly behind our backs. A great summary of the SOTU posted in the "IUSB Vision Weblog" follows:

Translation of Obama’s SOTU ‘Five’ Pillars Posted by iusbvisionon January 26, 2011 As a follow up to our live bloggingto President Obama’s State of the Union address a translation of the five pillars seems in order.
“Making sure we are competitive and creating jobs” sounds great, but we have heard that before. We have also heard it after every bill that turns out to be a power grab that fails the economy he says “OK now we will focus on jobs.”
So far he is doing a great job of shutting down energy production and sending “green jobs” funds to China.
Forbid drilling, closing more coal mines, forbid nuclear plant licencing, no new natural gas, more solar panel factories chased out of the country, more low cost loans to foreign countries so THEY can drill more, more Mexican, Cuban and Chinese oil wells just off our shores, more EPA caps on our refineries. More expensive energy.
The solution? The joke that is now called the Chevy Volt. Poisonous
and expensive twisty light bulbs, expensive solar and wind power that
can’t do the industrial heavy lifting we need.
More government programs and bureaucrats, more tax dollars thrown at teachers unions. More sabotaging of voucher programs. More outrageous reporting requirements. More failed schools. More students left behind.
More online databases of your information such as medical records. Privacy (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)?
Make work programs for unions in cities, like the high speed raid Obama mentioned. Corruption: Stimulus Funds Spent in Democrat Districts… Deficit Reduction:
Keep repeating the lie that ObamaCare lowers the deficit. Raise taxes.
Government Reform:
Rule by executive order. Bypass Congress and put the czar’s to work. Abuse the regulatory and permit process for social engineering

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