Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let me get this straight….

President Obama feels that the Egyptian protests in the streets of Egypt justify a change in government, and thus the government should heed to the voice of the people? That the government should not silence the voice of the mobs, and thus mob rule should reign?
I wonder how President Obama would feel if the shoe were on the other foot? Let’s say perhaps if we went to the streets to oppose the socialization of America? If we went to the streets to overturn the Obamacare socialized medicine scheme?
President Obama also has publicly renounced Egypt’s alleged violence against its citizens when the total death toll from the protests at last check was 38. Incidentally they were responding to violence. Did you hear President Obama tell that to the Chinese? Or perhaps did you hear President Obama tell that to Cuba? No, an odd coincidence is that those who are working to overturn the Egyptian government are Muslims. Also, I do not hear the outcry from the left that we are not to be the policeman of the world, nor that we should not try to control other sovereign nations, yet that is what President Obama is doing.
We are now seeing the fruits of the famed “apology” tour of President Obama. Iran now has nuclear capability which threatens Mid-East peace, and primarily the security of the people of Israel. Egypt, if indeed becomes Muslim governed through the Islamic Brotherhood, would then no longer be the safety check against rogue Islamic extremist countries.
But does any of that affect us?
Here is the long answer to a very short question. First off let me state that I am only giving political and national security repercussions, as morally it is quite obvious that we cannot allow the planned annihilation of Israel or any other people that do not succumb to Islam. Without Israel there is no safety check in the Middle East. If Egypt is lost to Muslim extremists, then there is a little something called the Suez Canal that may affect things. Not only do prices go up at the pump, and any item you buy that contains petroleum increase, but a major worldwide economic collapse would eventually occur. Not to mention that our own military relies on fuel. If that were not enough, with a worldwide economic collapse would come uprisings due to that collapse, which would topple governments, as well as order across the globe. The result would be total anarchy.
And what of the defense of our own country? For one, we would see uprisings as well. Enemies of America would be further emboldened, as we see Muslim extremists already crossing through the sieve known as our Southern Border. Sadly some have already forgotten 9/11 as well as the multiple past attacks against America. President Obama is undoing decades of work that was done to keep a volatile region from infecting the rest of the globe through his actions as well as inactions. It would seem that the “yes we can” slogan was adopted by the Muslim extremists due to President Obama’s leadership or lack of. More of the Hope and Change that we all feared is coming true. May God help America from its leader. Perhaps we should take to the streets before it is too late. After all, President Obama says he supports that. Or maybe he just believes that this applies to the other guys.

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