Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kumbaya Kool-Aid

Kumbaya Anyone?
I am sickened by the new found calls for “bi-partisanship”. Isn’t the reason there are two parties because we do not want to do things the same way? When I hear of this talk it makes me think of liberal religions that claim that all roads lead to God, and that they just believe in different roads. Well nothing can be further from the truth. Only one road leads to God, and that is through salvation through Jesus Christ. All other roads lead to hell. As for politics the roads of the several parties lead to different destinations as well. A Democrat road will not get you to Conservative goals, and a Republican road will not, or rather should not, get you to Liberal goals.
The new call for the Kumbaya seating arrangement is hypocritical to the highest degree. Just last session, less than a month ago, Democrats locked Republicans out of any bill debates. Obama said that Republicans could come along as long as they were in the back seat. That sure is an odd Kumbaya date, when one is sitting in the front, while the other is in the back.  The excuse being used is the call for civility after the Arizona shooting, when in effect it should be a call for civility after the vitriolic Liberal accusations after the Arizona shooting. We now know that the only thing that the Arizona shooting had to do with politics was a pathetic use of that tragedy for the use of the Liberals.
But now the Left wants to sit down and play nice together. Anything that remotely resembles any opposition to their goals, is now called vitriolic. Just days after Obama’s Love-In Speech, Democrats were at it again calling Republicans Nazis over Republican opposition to socialized medicine. But of course that never gets the media play that it deserves. Compromise in the eyes of the Left is means to agree with them. It reminds me of the Co-Exist bumper stickers. The only way to Co-Exist with a Muslim is to become one. Much like the only way to co-exist with a liberal is to become one. Tonight I will refrain from watching the President’s Pep Rally as Republicans play into the hands of the Liberals. The Kumbaya seating plan as well as the calls for less cheering and jeering comes at a very opportune time as the nation would see just how outnumbered the liberals are, and would represent to America just how insignificant Liberals really are.
So tonight they will attempt to dilute the seating, the speaking, and even the legislation which most of America voted in this past November. Mr. Congeniality Obama may once again berate the Supreme Court members. Fortunately some court members may opt to excuse themselves from the pep-rally. Obama will once again break out the Arizona shooting wild card in order to garner compromise towards his agenda, and many will believe the lie.  As for me I would rather watch a movie, perhaps one regarding the fall of ancient civilization, such as Rome or Greece, or perhaps something more recent like Cuba’s collapse under socialism, and hyper-propaganda. That way I can be better prepared for what is coming down the road. Kumbaya everyone! Maybe I should open a Kool-Aid stand for the speech. I could create a new flavor. Kumbaya Kool-Aid!

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