Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Liberals Politicizing Tragedies

Leave it to the left to not miss an opening when they can find one, or rather make one. Fortunately, polls show that the majority of Americans reject the notion that any political party, group, radio, or print media was to blame for the senseless crime committed this past week. It seems the left keeps doing us a favor by showing America to what extent their desperation and lust for power will take them. As a matter of fact, we recently learned that the shooter was a registered Independent, into the occult, and volunteered at an animal shelter. If anything, he more resembles the Liberal left more than anything else. But that is neither here nor there. Once again the “Progressives” are trailblazing to new lows, I guess that’s why they consider themselves “progressive”. A little girl as well as 5 others is dead and all they can do is build hatred through their mindless rhetoric.
Based on their latest fallacy of blaming the “political climate”, they may be opening a Pandora’s Box that could end up backfiring on them.  Michelle Malkin wrote a tremendous piece documenting the vicious and cruel “political climate” created and fed by the “Progressives”. Democrat Pima County Sherriff Dupnik decided to politicize the tragedy, and hopefully enough Arizonans will now see fit to remove him from office. Yesterday I watched as Katie Couric began her backpedalling from directly connecting the tragedy to a single group, but began playing the new card that we must use the opportunity to step back and rethink the political climate. I find it odd that the many people that Michelle Malkin called out have not been called out by the “progressives” nor did they think the “political climate” was bad when they were in power.
Where was the outcry when people wished death on President Bush? Where was the outcry when two homosexuals hung an effigy of Sarah Palin in San Francisco? Where was the outcry when Kathy Griffins said that the youngest Palin was her new “target”? How many times did the “progressives” say that they wished certain Conservatives would go hunting with Dick Cheney after the hunting mishap? I guess that political climate is different from the present one, or is it that they feel that taking advantage of this tragedy is politically expedient?
This brings us to dealing with the present fallacy that the “progressives” have set forth. Their claim, as we said, is that the “political climate” has created this. Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, and countless others have supplied me with some ample responses to these “progressives”. Rush aptly commented if perhaps it was a Muslim if we would be using the same rhetoric. So based on the rhetoric of the “progressives” I have a fictitious response.
If indeed the “political climate” has caused this then the “progressives” are in a pickle as we can establish that life will imitate what it sees. If indeed certain radio personalities and groups can influence these actions, and the solution that the “progressives” set forth is to silence and remove them, then we must do the following.
·         Close down Hollywood due to their violent and mean spirited movies that glorify violence
·         Not allow any more Rap music to be produced due to its violent nature
·         Outlaw Islam based on the many similar crimes that are committed in the name of their group
·         Deport all Mexicans due to the violence in Mexico
·         Take Chris Matthews and his ilk off the air due to their divisive comments
·         Remove the liberal media from the air as they constantly criticize the Right and we all know how criticism incites violence
·         Remove spoons from America as people keep getting fat from using them (Hat Tip to Kim)
·         Remove any overweight entertainers and athletes as they glorify obesity
·         Prosecute the DNC for the assassination attempts of Presidents Reagan and Ford as we all know that it must have been politically motivated
·         Pardon Lee Harvey Oswald for the assassination of President Kennedy as he is not to blame as he was made to do it due to the political environment
·         Prosecute any Hollywood actors who have ever depicted violence in their roles
·         Restitution from Hollywood to all victims of violent crime due to Hollywood’s glorification of violence
·         Punish the African American community for having such divisive things as Negro Leagues Museum, Miss Black America, Congressional Black Caucus, Historically Black Colleges, and other organizations that divide rather than unite
·         Profile any African American due to the number of African Americans in street gangs
·         Profile all Hollywood actors due to the known drug use by some
·         Outlaw any and all drinking of alcoholic beverages due to drunk drivers
So “progressives” is this what you really want? Perhaps it really is. They now feel that using such bad words as “socialism” and “communism” is divisive as well. So will we rewrite the history books much like Tom Sawyer is being rewritten? What will be called the former “communist” Soviet Union or “communist” China, redistributors of wealth? Why do progressives that embrace socialism reject being called socialists? Is it really the fact that we are calling a shoe a shoe that bothers them, or is it the fact that the shoe fits?
This strategy on the part of the “progressives” of using tragedies to advance their cause is not a new one. It has been used for centuries by other repressive parties and governments. Their strategy is to try to silence any opposition in the name of peace, when in fact they are the ones generating the greatest violence. It was President Obama that said that he (as the left) will bring a gun to a knife fight. Is this the Hope and Change that he promised? Now is not the time to shrivel up and play the “progressive’s” game. Sadly even some on the right are buying into their fallacy. Freedom of Speech requires two key ingredients. Those ingredients are freedom and speech. It is funny how the “progressives” hate the combination of the two. The only thing the left sees now is that we on the right are in a position to undo much of the bad which they have done and that bothers them. It bothers them to the extent that they are playing games with a tragedy that took the life of an innocent child who is now nothing more than a toy in the game of politics to the “progressives”.
The reality is that the greatest danger of violence is from the “progressives”. It is they who are threatening to take to the streets. So perhaps the greatest solution would be to outlaw “progressives”.

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