Monday, January 24, 2011

Is Obama getting rich off of oil prices?

The obvious answer is no, but wasn't that the media outcry when President Bush was in office? I remember the cries of "Bush is getting rich off of high gas prices". The screams that we are in Afghanistan and Iraq because of oil and Halliburton. How bad the economy will now struggle because gas is so high. But did you hear that? If not its because there is nothing being said. Where are the protesters, Code Pink, and the other leftists groups that could not stop complaining about the very things that exist today.
OOPS! I forgot, its okay because its Obama. Have you seen any pictures of Gitmo lately? How about any casket photos of fallen soldiers? Remember the court orders to make them public?
During this hypocritic phase of the DNC and the MSM, lets remember all that before we belly up as they wish.
I recently found the liberal definition of civility: Don't use the control you were elected to use and do whatever we want.
I for one do not want my Conservative leadership buying that. How about you?

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