Stopping the Ground Zero Mosque

ACLJ and the insulting Mosque

This from October 13, 2010

"We're headed to the New York Supreme Court on your behalf ... and I need to hear from you immediately!
Today, we are amending our lawsuit to stop the proposed Ground Zero mosque development -......As you know, the ACLJ has taken the lead on this issue. With the support of ACLJ members like you, we stand at the forefront of this national debate with a significant legal challenge ...
... representing our client, Tim Brown, a New York City firefighter and first responder who survived the Twin Towers' collapse - but lost nearly 100 friends on 9/11.
Our lawsuit initially named the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC). However, as important information has surfaced and new, critical questions arise, we''e intensified our efforts to stop this mosque and protect the sanctity of Ground Zero.
TODAY, we are amending our complaint, naming the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB), Mayor Bloomberg, and others.
Mayor Bloomberg was very vocal about his support for the mosque but has decided to remain silent - and to ignore requests for critical information - about his involvement in the approval process.
By refusing to provide pertinent information about his involvement in the project, the Mayor is ignoring the very laws that he has sworn to uphold.
The people of New York City ... and every American ... deserve to know what role the Mayor played - including what political pressures were employed to jam this project through.
Please stand with us today at the New York Supreme Court as we continue to aggressively engage this issue and bring the pressure in the fight to stop the Ground Zero mosque."