Monday, February 28, 2011

The Hope and Change Obama Promised - Is this really what you liberals want?

Get ready America. While you sit on your hands, this is what the Left will bring. Merely holding signs and staging rallies will not stop your rights from being trampled upon. First they will step on your rights, later they will step on you. You can either keep your head buried in the sand or try to save it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Muslims Terrorists = Union Thugs?

After seeing and hearing the accounts of the behavior of the Union thugs the comparison between them and Muslim Terrorists is a valid one. See the examples below.
This is awfully reminiscent of terroristic tactics. It seems that the Unions are threatened by their potential loss of power that they are now assaulting reporters. This is a direct attack of free speech. It just shows how much truth there is to the socialistic nature of Unions.  Also the hostile takeover of the Wisconsin Statehouse, as well as the Police Force's disobedience (union members as well) to orders is a direct reflection of the anarchy the President Obama is teaching by his example in not defending the laws of the land. This was seen this week when he refused to defend the laws of the land in direct opposition to the oath that he took. If these events do not seem important to you then you will be unpleasantly surprised by the eventual outcome of this. This has the potential of being the turning point in leading America into a dictatorial socialist state. It is time to take back America as it is close to becoming too late.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Obamacare - Sneak Preview

Get ready for Big Brother Obama to tell you whats best...... If you want to run to the U.S. to avoid socialized medicine your time is running out.

So where do we run to from here? Or do we stop Obamacare so we do not have to run?

Canadian Family in Life Support Battle Denied Request for Hospital Transfer

"The parents of a Canadian boy ordered off life support by government health officials have been denied a request to transfer the 13-month-old to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

London Health Sciences Centre in Ontario, Canada, was advised Thursday by the Michigan hospital that the boy would not be transferred.
Moe Maraachli and his wife, Sana Nader, of Windsor, Ontario, wanted the Michigan hospital to perform a tracheotomy on their son Joseph, who is currently kept alive by a respirator. The boy suffers from a rare, progressive neurological disease which, Canadian doctors say, has left him in a vegetative state beyond recovery.
A spokesman for Maraachli told the family is "working on an appeal" to the Michigan hospital's decision. The hospital declined to comment on "any matters surrounding the case."
Joseph’s parents believed that if the Detroit hospital had accepted the child and conducted the operation, in which doctors would place a breathing tube in his windpipe, he could be cared for at home.
Canadian health care allocation officials already ruled that Joseph had to be taken off life support and allowed to die in the hospital. A Canadian judge then ruled that Maraachli had to give his consent to having the breathing tube removed by Monday. He refused.
Health care economist Dr. Devon Herrick, a senior fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis, said the structure of the Canadian health care system allows public officials to make patient care decisions.
“Hospitals have global budgets as opposed to charging patients or their insurance companies, so the officials would have far more power over what their individual hospitals do,” Herrick said. "If it were in the U.S., you wouldn’t have public officials who would have the power to tell a hospital to do this or do that."....."

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Most Dangerous Precedent - A Most Dangerous President

So has Obama finally commited an impeachable offence?

The President is sworn to defend the Constitution, and with it the laws of the land. It does not matter if he likes or dislikes the law. If so then what about our border if he dislikes it? And what of other laws? Read and see the unraveling of America. Now President Obama has ordered the Justice Department not to defend the laws of the land. This is nothing less than treason.

Obama Administration Drops Defense of Anti-Gay Marriage Law

The Obama administration announced Wednesday that it will no longer defend the federal law that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.
The decision marks a significant about-face for the Obama Justice Department, which until now had defended the law in court despite President Obama's misgivings with the policy. The administration's attorneys as recently as last month had filed a court motion in support of the Defense of Marriage Act, which effectively bans recognition of same-sex marriage.
But after two new lawsuits were filed in New York and Connecticut, Obama ordered Attorney General Eric Holder not to defend the statute.
"I fully concur with the president's determination," Holder said in a statement, declaring the provision to be "unconstitutional."
Holder said members of Congress may step up to defend the statute, but the Justice Department "will cease defense."
He noted that the congressional debate during passage of the Defense of Marriage Act "contains numerous expressions reflecting moral disapproval of gays and lesbians and their intimate and family relationships -- precisely the kind of stereotype-based thinking and animus the (Constitution's) Equal Protection Clause is designed to guard against."
Holder wrote to House Speaker John Boehner that Obama concluded the law fails to meet a rigorous standard under which courts view with suspicion any laws targeting minority groups who have suffered a history of discrimination.
Boehner's office was taken aback by the move, suggesting it was a bit off-topic considering the high-profile battle lawmakers are waging on Capitol Hill over federal spending.
"While Americans want Washington to focus on creating jobs and cutting spending, the president will have to explain why he thinks now is the appropriate time to stir up a controversial issue that sharply divides the nation," Boehner spokesman Michael Steel told Fox News.
Maggie Gallagher, chairwoman of the National Organization for Marriage, said that if somebody from the House steps in to defend the law, it could actually be "good news" for Defense of Marriage Act supporters.
"This fight is not over yet. It's really just begun," she told Fox News.
Gay-rights groups applauded the administration. The Human Rights Campaign called the decision a "monumental" move against a law that "unfairly discriminates against Americans."
"Congressional leaders must not waste another taxpayer dollar defending this patently unconstitutional law," Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese said in a statement.
"The Obama administration's decision is a victory for civil rights, fairness, and equality for the LGBT community and all Americans," House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said.
The administration previously has defended laws with which the president disagrees, notably the "don't ask, don't tell" provision banning gays from serving openly in the military -- though that law was later repealed. Holder acknowledged this in his statement, but said there are exceptions.
"The department has a longstanding practice of defending the constitutionality of duly-enacted statutes if reasonable arguments can be made in their defense. At the same time, the department in the past has declined to defend statutes despite the availability of professionally responsible arguments, in part because -- as here -- the department does not consider every such argument to be a 'reasonable' one," Holder said. "Moreover, the department has declined to defend a statute in cases, like this one, where the president has concluded that the statute is unconstitutional."
Holder said the "legal landscape" has changed in the 15 years since the law was passed, citing the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" and lower-court rulings against the law.
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney explained that the U.S. government will remain a party to Defense of Marriage Act cases so they can proceed in court. Though the administration says the key provision in the law is not constitutional, Carney said the administration will help others who want to defend it.
Obama, who supports the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, has said his views are "evolving" on same-sex marriage. Currently, he is only on record in support of civil unions.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Racism is Okay.... If you are a liberal that is

It seems that example after example of liberal racism seems to slip through the MSM cracks. The left never wanted blacks freed. They only wanted a relocation to a different plantation. The black man in America is tolerated by the left as long as they walk lock step. Once they do not, they are attacked as the video shows. Make a note of the racist comment when the union thug asks the conservative black man if he has any children that he claims. Does this fall under vitriolic? Oh I forgot, a black man is a man as long as he is liberal. If he is a Conservative the left feels free to treat him like an animal.

Or here is another example of Union thugs putting the black man in what they consider his place

Liberal Hypocrisy - The MSM is only against SOME Dictators

It seems that the MSM picks and chooses which dictators they love, and which they hate. Its not that they hate all dictators, as some are more lovable than others to them. Some serve their purpose of promoting Islam, Socialism, etc. These past few weeks the liberal MSM has bashed Mubarak and others as evil long standing dictators. They have highlighted beatings of civilians, incarcerations of dissidents, and even murders performed by these regimes. It would seem that if they are truly against these things, then they would be even handed. But that is not the case. In Cuba, CNN has a bureau whereby they walk lock step with the regime and would not risk losing that for reporting inconvenient truths. Egypt was under the repressive dictatorship of Mubarak for 30 years, yet Cuba has been under Castro's for 52 years. In Libya some 200 have been murdered, yet in Cuba thousands on a regular basis. In Iran, dozens are arrested as political dissidents, in Cuba hundreds every month. Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of peaceful dissident Orlando Zapata Tamayo. This week also marks the anniversary of the shoot down over international waters of the Brothers to the Rescue. There are reports from Cuba of mass arrests in an effort to quell a possible peaceful uprising. But do we hear any of this from the MSM? Of course not. Cuba is the MSM's failed socialist laboratory experiment, and it is an inconvenient truth to report. For 52 years the liberal MSM has created, and sustained,  the failed socialist experiment of Cuba, and they would just assume ignore it as long as possible, as it is a sneak preview of what awaits America should our present course not change. The MSM, as well as the present administration ,will be silent and many brave Cubans will suffer at the hands of a dictator who CNN refers to as "president".  No news here they will say, now move along. But as it is with all truth, ignoring it will not make it go away. History will condemn the MSM, and those that do not choose to be part of the solution, but rather choose to be part of the problem. There is Cuban blood on the hands of the MSM.
Below is a memorial to the brave dissident known as Orlando Zapata Tamayo. Viva Cuba Libre! Cuba will remember who helped repress them and who helped free them.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Disgrace in Wisconsin - By Gayle Mahon

Does anyone have a problem with state senators in Wisconsin running and hiding so they do not have to cast a tough vote while men and women in our military are WALKING INTO situations where they know they could lose their very lives? Our servicemen and women are fighting for something greater than themselves while these senators are thinking only of themselves. Blood is shooting out of my eyeballs at the comparison of courage and honor vs. cowardice and selfish ambition

Co-Exist Part II - Yeah right.......

Its those peace loving Muslims at it again. But remember this is all just your imagination. 2 million Egyptians are not really doing what you are seeing and hearing. It may look like they are chanting that they are going to Jerusalem to kill Jews, but that is just a subliminal Tea Party message. Yeah right!
So tell me, is the Mid-East better off with or without Mubarak?
You only have until the 3rd World War starts to answer. After that you are cheating.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Vitriolic? Socialist?

I guess the left did not get the note from President Obama about hate speech. Please excuse the vulgarity as I do not approve of it, but it paints just what the left is like.

Or how about the liberal teacher's true passion for socialism. If these are our teachers then we need to get rid of them and start with a clean slate.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time for a Counter Protest

I say that it is time to meet him at the White House. We must unite against this violent religion of hate. I would be interested in knowing how many so-called peaceful Muslims will protest against him.
The time is now to organize against radical Islam as the present administration does not see them as a threat.

Muslim Cleric Plans White House Protest in Attempt to Spread Sharia Law in America

A Muslim cleric who called Americans “the biggest criminals” during a recent interview has announced he will hold a protest outside the White House, according to the Daily Mail.
Anjem Choudary, who once said “the flag of Islam will fly over the White House,” says he will lead a demonstration rallying Muslims to establish Sharia law across the United States.
Choudary, 43, called Americans “the biggest criminals in the world today” during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity this month.
Choudary, who is the former leader of the outlawed British-based group Islam4UK, says the March rally at the White House is being organized by the extremist group Islamic Thinkers Society, which is based in New York.
“The event is a rally, a call for the Sharia, a call for the Muslims to rise up and establish the Islamic state in America,” Choudary told London’s Daily Mail in an interview.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Unions React to Taking Less From The Teat

Below is some contact info from Gayle Mahon. It would seem that, as I said many years ago, that those on entitlements would rebel if their entitlements were touched. Now the Unions feel that they should live better than those who pay them. They feel that they deserve more than the average Americans. They are insulted to have to pay what most of us have to pay. After all, isn't that why they sold their souls to the DNC? Wasn't the DNC as well as Obama supposed to protect them from reality? Well the chickens have come home to roost and the teat has run dry. Now they say they do not care about their state or their country. What matters is them. Added to that, Obama now feels that he must bash the states for daring to attempt to be fiscally responsible. It seems that Obama would be better served fixing his Federal mess rather than butt into the business of the states. Can you imagine the bloodshed in the streets if we ever take people off the welfare and food stamp teats? Its just a matter of time folks. Things are going to get really ugly.

Click on the link below to read an article from "The Hill" regarding Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker and his fight with the unions.  I have e-mailed him and called his office to show support for what he is doing.    Contact information is as follows: 

Office of Governor Scott Walker
115 East Capitol
Madison WI 53702

(608) 266-1212

All eyes of the nation are on Wisconsin.  The governor must stand strong and not compromise as to compromise would embolden unions in other states.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ignore it and it won't go away - America's 3rd War

But hey, it's just our racism that makes us imagin these things........

Possible Mexican Military Incursion On U.S. Soil

Reported by: Polo Sandoval
Last Update: 2/15 9:18 am
MISSION - CHANNEL 5 NEWS is exposing what appears to be a Mexican military incursion into the United States. It was all caught on camera. We froze surveillance video taken at the Anzalduas International Bridge.
What you see is the international boundary that separates the United States from Mexico and what authorities on this side of the border seem to think is a truck packed with armed men crossing into the United States. The video clearly shows a large military-transport vehicle drive north on the Anzalduas bridge over the international boundary.
We counted at least a dozen armed men in the back of the truck. The vehicle travels down the bridge toward the U.S. Customs checkpoint. Its driver makes a U-turn just before reaching the lines of cars there. It then starts back south toward Mexico. The men pull over and search a vehicle for a few minutes then resume their trek south. The presumed soldiers then cross back over the boundary toward Mexico.
They are in U.S. territory for about 10 minutes. We're taking a closer look at the vehicle they stopped on the bridge and what U.S. authorities have to say about this apparent incursion.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We are not at war with Islam

It's Islam that is at war with us! Click here for the story

"At least 65 Christians have been killed in attacks across the Muslim world in recent months, sparking sharp criticism from human rights groups that charge the U.S. government and media aren’t doing nearly enough to speak out against the violence."

"Even the condolence statements have come up short, said Shea. When the Obama administration first noted an Oct. 31 church bombing in Iraq, for example, it sent “a general condolence to Iraqis that didn’t even mention the word Christian or churches -- even though it was a packed Sunday worship service for Christians that was blown up.”

The beginning of ethnic cleansing by those loving Muslims. I guess the circle of protection in Egypt for the Christians was only for the cameras. I wonder why the MSM that chose to run the story on the Muslims protecting praying Christians won't run this story? I actually know the answer. I just want others to think about it.

Obama's State Run Media - by Gayle Mahon

ABC News says Obama now has a state run media

The 'mainstream media" is becoming frustrated at Obama's elimination of access by the regular media in favor of his own "White House Media".  They are even calling it "state run media".  So, Obama is not only doing end runs around Congress but, now the media.  Do you think they hear us now??

Harvard's Niall Ferguson Schools Her on Muslim Brotherhood and Caliphate

Watch Mr. Ferguson dumbfound the Obama network MSNBC. It seems the liberals are already calling the Egypt situation a success. I can see that if you are looking at it from a pro-Islam/Anti-Israel point of view.

Monday, February 14, 2011

B.H. Obama: Shameless Imperialist

B.H. Obama: Shameless Imperialist
By James Lewis

American Thinker Article Link

We’ve just watched Obama commit an act of imperialistic aggression against a peaceful sovereign state. Mubarak’s Egypt threatened no one. It was the great pillar of stability in the Middle East for thirty years. Its government was far more civilized than Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and fifty other corrupt and tyrannical members of the United Nations.
Obama’s whole spiel to the Left has been that he is an anti-colonial socialist; that’s why he wrote Dreams from My Father. Obama Sr. was a big anti-colonialist. Obama has claimed (at various times) to be the new Nelson Mandela, as well as the new Abe Lincoln, and most recently, the new Ronald Reagan.
But Reagan worked to liberate the oppressed peoples of Eastern Europe from Soviet tyranny. Barack Obama has now pushed, and pushed, and pushed to overthrow the government of a sovereign Muslim nation, the only Arab power to ever sign a peace treaty with Israel.
According to the lickspittles of the New York Times, this must be a great victory for democracy. They have failed to explain why that must be; instead, they’ve been chasing headlines, along with the other idiot media.  But there hasn’t even been an election in Egypt. Obama didn’t demand an election, and when Mubarak promised free and fair elections he was contemptuously turned down -- not by the people of Egypt, but by Washington, D.C.
The Tahrir Square mob was coordinated by a 30 year old Arabic-speaking Google executive. The Mu-Bros will now get a big vote -- like Hitler and the Turkish Muslim Brothers -- because Egyptians have been taught to believe all of the Mu-Bros fondest fascist beliefs. Egypt’s Muslim Brothers have already called for war with Israel.
Egypt is now a carbon copy of the way in Turkey, Gaza and Iran were taken over by the Muslim totalitarians. Turkey had excellent relations with Israel and Europe before the Brotherhood took over. Today it is an Islamofascist ally of Iran against the civilized world.
When Communists like Lenin committed aggression they re-defined the word “imperialism.” According to Lenin, Marxist tyrannies could never be imperialistic, no matter how many Ukrainians, Czechs, and Poles they murdered. That is why the Soviet Empire was never allowed to be called what it was: An Empire. Its abject colonial subjects in Eastern Europe are still afraid today of another Russian imperial assault.
Communists can’t be imperialistic, no matter how much they act like Nazi Germany. That is how the Communists conquered China, Cambodia, South Vietnam, and all the rest with no criticism in the West. You see, Communist imperialism was good imperialism.
Enter Obama. What Obama just did was encourage a twittered revolt against Mubarak, and then publicly, brutally, in the most humiliating way, order him to resign. Joe Stalin would have been proud. So would Mao Zedong. This is what the Soviets tried to do all around the world.
Obama has now turned the United States into a Leftist Imperialist power.
What’s his purpose? It can only be one. Obama believes the nonsense that all the problems of the Middle East would be solved if only Israel compromises enough with its deadliest enemies. Obama does not care about the fascist regime in Iran. When peaceful protesters were thronging the streets of Tehran last year he did nothing. It’s not a popular government that he cares about.
Rather, Obama and the radical Left are forging another Communist-Fascist alliance, exactly like the Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1938, which split up Poland and started World War Two. The new Red-Black alliance links the Radical Left with the Muslim radicals who attacked us on 9/11.
While the media are covering up this reality, we can see it all over the place: In the Ground Zero mosque, in the insane Congressional testimony by our DNI Clapper, that the Mu-Bros are “secular,” and in any number of other media-supported lies that serve only Muslim fascists and hard Leftists around the world.
In politics the question is always “Cui Bono?” -- Whom does it serve? And when you look at Obama’s brutal imperialistic push to get rid of Mubarak over the last several weeks, you know exactly whom it serves.
It serves radical Islam, because the Muslim Brothers now have a clear path to power in Egypt. They already control Turkey, Gaza, and soon, the West Bank of the Jordan River. Jordan has played a moderating role in the Middle East for generations; it is now threatened by a radical Muslim revolt.
This is Obama’s route to imperial power. It is consistent with all his actions in the last two years, and particularly with today’s public humiliation of the strongest Arab power in the world.
Obama’s ego is Napoleonic. He needs to expand his power without limits. That’s the nature of malignant narcissism.
Civilized and democratic peoples suffer when Napoleonic characters take power. We can’t see the end game yet. This might or might not end in a major war or worse. But we have a riverboat gambler running the ship of state, and he loves to play with the power of “audacity.”
That was Napoleon’s motto: “L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’laudace.” Which worked fine for Napoleon’s field marshals, but not so well for all the defeated peoples of Europe and the Middle East. And in the end, Napoleon’s audacity died in the snows of the Russian winter.
With the radical Obama administration, the United States has now embarked on a perilous course. Instead of keeping the dominoes from toppling, Obama is malignantly pushing them into the arms of Islamic radicals. That kind of gamble has never before worked to the betterment of humanity.
On the contrary: It has always led to disaster before.
Whether Obama the magic trickster can now pull it off in the nuclearizing Middle East is very doubtful, and therefore very dangerous.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

MSM Darlings? May God help us from us

When one examines the latest happenings in Egypt, one must come to the logical conclusion that what awaits Egypt and the world, is far worse than what it had. Was Hosni Mubarak a saint? By no means! But was trading a demon for Satan any better? Well, the Main Stream Media thinks so. In our highly uneducated world, many have decided to allow the Media to do our thinking. This is no new phenomena, as we will see later in this post, but it does seem that it is growing. In a recent visit to the ER, while sitting in the waiting area, I glanced up at the television. What I saw was no surprise as it was a popular talk show. It was what I refer to as tabloid TV.  But what did strike me for the first time is that the term tabloid TV is very revealing of our society. What really is sad, is that what we used to laugh at as ridiculous in the grocery checkout lines, has now become the guide to life for some very weak minded people. People like Oprah helped elect one of, if not the worst, president in history. The Dr. Phil’s will tell people how to think, and the Judge Judy’s will discern legal issues.
Well much the same is the MSM. As America became addicted to entertainment, so entertainment took a greater step into the lives of people. We witnessed this in the violent revolt in Egypt, which the MSM deemed “non-violent”. Adding insult to injury, the biased reporters were attacked, and that equates to media blasphemy, as they feel they are far superior to anyone and everyone. After all, they feel they know what is best for the world. So, with their assistance, world opinion swayed against Mubarak, and he was forced from power. Yet he has since uttered some very profound words.
“Hosni Mubarak had harsh words for the United States and what he described as its misguided quest for democracy in the Middle East in a telephone call with an Israeli lawmaker a day before he quit as Egypt's president.”
"He had very tough things to say about the United States," said Ben-Eliezer, a member of the Labor Party who has held talks with Mubarak on numerous occasions while serving in various Israeli coalition governments.
"He gave me a lesson in democracy and said: 'We see the democracy the United States spearheaded in Iran and with Hamas, in Gaza, and that's the fate of the Middle East,'" Ben-Eliezer said.
"'They may be talking about democracy but they don't know what they're talking about and the result will be extremism and radical Islam,'" he quoted Mubarak as saying.
Ben-Eliezer said Mubarak expanded in the telephone call on "what he expects will happen in the Middle East after his fall".
"He contended the snowball (of civil unrest) won't stop in Egypt and it wouldn't skip any Arab country in the Middle East and in the Gulf.
"He said 'I won't be surprised if in the future you see more extremism and radical Islam and more disturbances -- dramatic changes and upheavals," Ben-Eliezer added.
So then why is the media basically ignoring the truth? Well, if their history is any indication, they tend to lean toward leftist and anti-American governments. Let us go over some history of the MSM’s love affair with radicals, as well as those who replaced those they helped to displace.

Example #1
In the late 1950s Herbert Matthews of the New York Times as well as his obliging comrades felt that Cuba had an evil dictator in Fulgencio Batista (it is ironic that the same media will refer to his replacement Castro as president rather than dictator). They fed the world through stories about how bad Cuba was under Batista. The same story they spread today in order to cover up the disaster that replaced Batista. Fulgencio Batista was no sweetheart by any means, but due to his media honored replacement the world came closer to Nuclear War than it ever had. Much of Latin America was destabilized, and Cuba has suffered for over 50 years under a repressive Communist government.
Example #2
In the late 1970’s the MSM decided that Iran too had an evil dictator. As in Cuba the people supposedly had spoken and there was true freedom to be had. The Shah of Iran was deposed and sent into exile much like Batista, and we are now once again close to a Nuclear War, as well as a destabilization of the Middle East. Iran is now one of the major sponsors of terrorism.
Example #3
This is much closer to recent history, the MSM’s love affair with Hamas, which goes hand in hand with the MSM’s hatred of Israel. The Palestinians were portrayed as the helpless victims when in reality they strove for the total annhialation of Israel. Hamas is now, as they always have been, a terrorist group which also destabilizes the Middle-East
Example #4
In the late 1970’s again the MSM fell in love with the FSLN Communist Guerillas. Once again they demonized a flawed leader to the extent of embracing something much worse. They went after Somoza with both barrels and helped to create yet another presumed utopia in which they gladly made a bed that others must lie in.
Based on the selected examples, of which we could bring up many more, there is an obvious pattern. The MSM customarily embraces what they feel is good for others, but which they need not have to live with. They boast of the superior conditions in the countries they helped to destabilize, yet none of them would want to live in those countries, as they would have no freedoms. The MSM loves Castro’s Cuba, yet would be in prison for saying what they say. The MSM loved the FSLN, yet would have been executed if they were reporters in the FSLN’s Nicaragua. The MSM loved the Iranian rebels of the 1970s, yet would be beheaded in today’s Iran. The MSM loved Hamas, yet they would be executed by Hamas.
So now based on past history we see prophecy come to pass. George Santayana once said that “those who refuse to remember the past are condemned to relive it”.
Fulgencio Batista, upon his departure from Cuba, basically said to be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it. He foresaw that what would replace him, would be far worse than what they had. His prophecy came to pass. Now Mubarak has prophesied the same. The difference being is that while Batista’s prophecy indirectly affected the rest of the world, Mubarak’s will affect the world more than many reading this can ever imagine. They say that a violation of freedom of speech is when someone yells fire in a crowded theater. I would almost say that the MSM is doing the same when they irresponsibly create news regarding other countries. But who is to blame? Is it the MSM, or those that foolishly hang on their every word? I would say the latter. May God help us from us.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt Following Iran on the Path to Destruction

Contributed by Gayle Mahon

 It is only a matter of time until beleaguered Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak capitulates to the call to step down and turn over the reins of the country. He has already promised to leave office in September when his current term expires, but that has not satisfied the demands of his opponents. Though Mubarak is trying to cling to power as long as he can, widespread protests, riots and strikes make it likely that he will be forced to leave office in the very near future rather than several months from now. In the Muslim world, winners take all.

The leader of Egypt for thirty years has been haunted by the ghost of regimes past, and especially that of his Iranian counterpart, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. Mubarak's predecessor Anwar Sadat extended an invitation to Pahlavi's family in July 1980 to bury him at Cairo's Al-Rifa'i Mosque. The Shah had become a man without a country, a ruler without a throne, an ally without a friend.

It appears that Mubarak, who had vowed not to be driven from his homeland, will suffer the same fate as the Shah who was forced to wander from country to country until his death. He faces the same maze of betrayal at the hands of his "allies" as that which was forced upon Pahlavi. Promises will be made but not kept. Ultimately, the big winner will be radical Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood that are apparently "gaming" the system.

The overthrow of Mubarak will empower the masses throughout the Middle East, but the supreme winner will be the radical Islamists throughout the Middle East who have waited in the shadows for others to do the work for them. Jordan might well be next. It is no coincidence that Mubarak has been mostly friendly toward Israel—and that he is hated for it.

President Obama can take some of the blame for Mubarak's downfall after publicly humiliating the long-time U.S. ally. In the Arab world, death is preferred over humiliation. What we really see is U.S. foreign policy at work. Obama has outstripped his Democratic predecessor, Jimmy Carter, who rejected Richard Nixon's twin-pillar doctrine of strong allies empowered by the U.S. to serve its interests in the Middle East. Like Carter, who bet the peanut farm on a cleric who his ambassador called a "Gandhi-like figure," Obama has chosen to play cards with the Muslim Brotherhood, the most well-organized terrorist organization in Egypt.

In finality, the mosques, mullahs, and madrasas will prevail. The bazaars traffic in more than pita bread; they sell terror for a price.

Having interviewed the majority of the Shah's Cabinet ministers as well as the
former Empress of Iran, and over a dozen current Cabinet members, there is no
doubt in my mind that the winds of a coming Muslim caliphate are blowing
stronger than they have in centuries. This is not the end of the revolution in
Egypt; it is just the beginning. The people of the Land of the Pharaohs have
much to fear.

And there is more. The United States is also supporting a worldwide effort to
have the United Nations unilaterally declare a Palestinian state with East
Jerusalem as its capital. They are planning to present Israel with a fait
accompli without any input from the Jewish people on their future and with no
say over their own borders or security. No other nation on earth would be
treated this way.

According to the unfailing and unchanging promise of God, if America sides with
this plan, we WILL be cursed. God said, "I will bless them that bless thee and
curse him that curses thee." (Genesis 12:3) 

The above is part of an article that appeared in The Jerusalem Post today.

Egyptian Transition to Chaos - from Gayle Mahon

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (ah-muh-DEE'-neh-zhahd) says Egypt's popular uprising shows a new Middle East is emerging, one that will have no signs of Israel and U.S. "interference." He spoke as his country marks the 32nd anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Shortly after this statement, Mubarak has given the "protesters" what they wanted - he resigned.  Who will fill the vacuum left by his presidency?  There is only one group organized enough to do that - the Muslim Brotherhood.  For inquiring minds who have been confused who to support in Egypt - why would Iran's Ahmadinejad support the "Democracy movement" in Egypt?  Where was he when his own people were, peacefully, in the streets crying out for freedom?  He was busy ordering their imprisonment and/or slaughter.  May God have mercy on this world.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Obama strikes deal wih the devil

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By Michael Goodwin

"And so quietly, almost off-handedly, the Rubicon has been crossed. The United States of America, whose blood and treasure have been spilled fighting terrorism, is jumping into bed with radical Islamists.
By approving a role for the Muslim Brotherhood in a new Egyptian government, the White House is taking its engagement policy to a dangerous level. American taxpayer dollars will now help sustain the oldest Islamist group, one that helped launch Osama bin Laden on his murderous quest.
Perhaps this day was inevitable for an administration that refuses to say "Islamic terrorists," and claims "jihad" can be a good thing and Hezbollah has "moderate" elements.
But it is hardly inevitable that the Kumbaya approach will bring peace to the Middle East. More likely, it will be seen as Western weakness and beget even more violence against America and our allies.
The decision applies to Egypt, but it won't stay in Egypt. Nearly every Arab government is fighting radical groups that aim to eliminate our presence, Israel and Western-friendly leaders. Imagine what those leaders think about our willingness to endorse the Muslim Brotherhood, which helped spawn Hamas and similar groups.
We have pulled the rug out from under our allies. They have staked their lives and countries on our commitment to battle terrorists, and now we appear ready to make a deal that will put pressure on them to do the same.
Yes, I know, the Muslim Brotherhood insists it is no longer a radical group and doesn't advocate violence. But what they say is not always what they do. Days after a leader of the group said Egyptians "should be prepared for war against Israel" and urged the country to stop sending natural gas to Israel, attackers blew up a gas pipeline to Jordan. The one to Israel immediately was shut down.
Not exactly the start of a beautiful relationship. But perfectly predictable."

Monday, February 7, 2011

Obamagate is truly a port of entry into the U.S.

This gives a whole new meaning to Obamagate......

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Thousands of immigrants from India have crossed into the United States illegally at the southern tip of Texas in the last year, part of a mysterious and rapidly growing human-smuggling pipeline that is backing up court dockets, filling detention centers and triggering investigations.

The immigrants, mostly young men from poor villages, say they are fleeing religious and political persecution. More than 1,600 Indians have been caught since the influx began here early last year, while an undetermined number, perhaps thousands, are believed to have sneaked through undetected, according to U.S. border authorities.

Hundreds have been released on their own recognizance or after posting bond. They catch buses or go to local Indian-run motels before flying north for the final leg of their months-long journeys.

"It was long … dangerous, very dangerous," said one young man wearing a turban outside the bus station in the Rio Grande Valley town of Harlingen......
The trend has caught the attention of anti-terrorism officials because of the pipeline's efficiency in delivering to America's doorstep large numbers of people from a troubled region. Authorities interview the immigrants, most of whom arrive with no documents, to ensure that people from neighboring Pakistan or Middle Eastern countries are not slipping through.....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some things are too clear for people to see

Another Fox guarding the henhouse Part II

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From the "You just can't make this up" files
But Obama is not a Muslim, or at least not a Muslim sympathizer.........

"The Department of Homeland Security has sworn in three new members of the Homeland Security Council, one of whom is the President and CEO of an organization with ties to the US Muslim Brotherhood and the US Hamas infrastructure. On October 18 the Secretary swore in Freedom and Justice Foundation President and Chief Executive Officer Mohamed Elibiary as one of the new members of the Homeland Security Council (HSC) described as follows:
The HSAC is comprised of experts from state, local and tribal governments, emergency and first responder communities, academia and the private sector who provide recommendations and advice to the Secretary of Homeland Security on a variety of homeland security issues."

The proverbial fox guarding the henhouse

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"...The demonstrations Sunday seemed generally peaceful. Among those taking part were members of Egypt's Christian minority, who held a Mass in Tahrir Square paying tribute to those killed during clashes. Some Muslim protesters vowed to form a ring around the Christians and protect them during the service. Egypt's population is 10% Christian, a minority mostly made up of Coptic Christians. ..'''

Are people really this stupid? So the Muslims in their desire for good PR say they want to protect the Christians? Just one basic question that the media seemed to forget to ask. Who are they protecting the Christians from? Its only the Muslims who want to kill Christians. So the Muslims will protects the Christians from the Muslims for a show mass and the media gobbles it up. Once again the ignorance of the sheep shows up in the ridiculous propaganda pieces put out for consumption.
I wonder what the media would have reported if the WWII Nazis had offered a bagel giveaway in a concentration camp? Let me guess.....
"Generous Nazis believe that every Jew deserves a bagel"
Never mind that they got to hold onto the bagels on their way to the gas chambers.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Playing with Gas - H/T Gayle Mahon

Below is an article by author and Middle East expert Joel Rosenberg:


* FYI: I'll be on Glenn Beck's TV show on Friday.
* Note: Epicenter Conference and Israel tour are sold out.
By Joel C. Rosenberg
(Washington, D.C., February 3, 2011) -- Key headline this morning: "Muslim Brotherhood wants to end Egypt-Israeli peace deal." Surprise? Not to those who understand Radical Islam. The problem is that the President and Vice President continue to demonstrate that they don't understand the jihadists' history or objectives. As a result, they are making a mounting series of mistakes in this crisis, and it could cost the U.S. and our allies dearly.

The Obama administration is playing with gasoline near an open flame. My desire is not to be partisan, but we can't ignore what's happening in front of us. As lawlessness and violence continues to spread through Cairo and other cities -- fueled and encouraged in large part by the Islamists -- senior White House and State Department officials are inexplicably indicating that they are interested in welcoming the Muslim Brotherhood and other "non-secular" groups into whatever new government is created once Hosni Mubarak leaves office, as he has indicated
he is now willing to do, saying he won't stand for re-election in September.

"The Obama administration said for the first time that it supports a role for groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, a banned Islamist organization, in a reformed Egyptian government," reports the Los Angeles Times. "White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said that a reformed government 'has to include a whole host of important nonsecular actors that give Egypt a strong chance to continue to be [a] stable and reliable partner.'" The New York Times and Washington Post have also published major stories on this in the last two days, each of which
are posted on the blog.

Few moves could be more disastrous. Does the administration not understand who they are dealing with? The Muslim Brotherhood's stated mission is as follows: "Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope."

According to a blue-ribbon group of national security experts that include former CIA Director James Woolsey, former Delta Force commander Lt-Gen (ret) Jerry Boykin, and former Defense Dept. official Frank Gaffney, a group convened by the Center for Security Policy and called "Team B-II": "The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928. Its express purpose was two-fold: (1) to implement shariah worldwide, and (2) to re-establish the global Islamic State (caliphate). Therefore, al Qaeda and the MB have the same objectives. They differ only in the timing and tactics involved in realizing them."

Former Brotherhood Supreme Guide Muhammad Akef declared in 2004 his "complete faith that Islam will invade Europe and America," reports the Center for Security Policy, adding that in 2001, the Muslim Brotherhood's publication in London, Risalat al-Ikhwan, featured at the top of its cover page the slogan: "Our Mission: World Domination." This header was changed after 9/11, notes CSP.

Meanwhile, Mohammed ElBaradei continues to prove he is a wolf in sheep's clothing by continuing to deny that the Muslim Brotherhood is an extremist Radical group intent on building an Islamic caliphate. Instead, he says they are a peaceful group and should be included in national politics in Egypt just like evangelical Christians are including in the U.s. and Orthodox Jews in Israel. In an interview picked up by Politics Daily, ElBaradei "said the Muslim Brotherhood, which had the largest organized opposition to the government, did
not pose the threat of turning Egypt into another Iran. 'This is totally bogus,' ElBaradei said. 'They are no way extremists. They are no way using violence. They are not a majority of the Egyptian people. They will not be more than maybe 20 percent of the Egyptian people. You have to include them like, you know, new evangelicals, you know, groups in the U.S., like the orthodox Jews in

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Domino Effect?

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It seems that our Commander in Chief is everything we worried about after all. Well Mr. President, your apology tour has indeed inspired many. Muslims that is.......

"AMMAN, Jordan -- Jordan's King Abdullah II fired his government Tuesday in the wake of street protests and asked an ex-prime minister to form a new Cabinet, ordering him to launch immediate political reforms.
The dismissal follows several large protests across Jordan-- inspired by similar demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt -- calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Samir Rifai, who is blamed for a rise in fuel and food prices and slowed political reforms."

No Bibles, Only Sikh Daggers

Its okay to take weapons to school if you are a Muslim

Its not whether the dagger is sharp, but whether our discernment is dull. Here is another "this can't be happening" moment. Just last year scores of kids were expelled or suspended for bringing toy guns to school. Now if you are a Muslimk, Sikh, or some other pagan religion, you can bring a toy dagger to school. I wonder if little Johnny brought a plastic Rambo knife to school if he would be as well received as the Sikhs or Muslims?

"CANTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJBK) - A Detroit-area district says Sikh students are permitted to wear a small, religious dagger to school.

The decision by the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools reverses a ban put in place in December after a fourth-grader at a Canton Township elementary school was found with a dull, 3- to 5-inch kirpan.

FOX 2's Robin Schwartz reports the kirpan represents a commitment to fight evil . After males are baptized, members of the faith, which originated in South Asia in the 15th century, are expected to carry the symbol all the time.

The principal initially let the boy keep the kirpan, but the school board instituted a ban because of parental concerns and conflicts with the district's rules against bringing weapons to school.

-The Associated Press contributed to this report"