Sunday, December 12, 2010

When is enough, enough?

We already go through what is basically a strip search in order to fly. Never mind that it amounts to illegal search and seizure. We are watched by Big Brother in every way, shape, or form. Now Wal-Mart has decided to partner with DHS (Department of Homeland Security). Wal-Mart states that they will implement the policy of monitoring “suspicious” activity yet they will not train their employees of what suspicious is. They do not tell the public of just what suspicious is. So just what is suspicious? Should I consider the Muslim woman with the total head covering at the local bank branch located in the Wal-Mart as suspicious? No wait, that would be profiling. So is this a big deal, and worth worrying about?
Keep in mind that our government has already identified, or rather falsely labeled many as “domestic” or “potential” terrorists. A year or so back the Missouri Highway Patrol profiled people who had anti-government bumper stickers as potential domestic terrorists. So what is going on? Is it possible that the government has received terror threats against Wal-Mart? If so, then tell us straight up. Or will that hurt Wal-Mart’s business? There is a point where we sacrifice freedom for safety and that is getting ever closer. In Cuba they have what they call the CDR (Committee for the Defense of the Revolution) where for the sake of national security you basically watch and snitch on your neighbor. If they do anything that is deemed suspicious, they are reported. In Cuba you can be arrested for the crime of “dangerousness”. That means that you have the potential of committing a crime. How far are we from that?
Well let me break it to you. Everyone in the world has the potential of committing a crime. So do we basically let Big Brother run our lives. It is time to take a stand. One idea is to make a national public protest against Wal-Mart and others that have partnered with DHS in order to protect you from you. I would like to see a breakout of peaceful flashmobs that will go into Wal-Mart stores, fill their baskets with groceries, and then leave them at the checkout with the suggested note at the bottom of this page. I hope this will go viral and we can see hundreds at a time go to your local Wal-Mart and get their attention. I am sure that this will change Wal-Mart’s policy. If not, then other freedom loving stores will benefit from this effort. If you cherish your freedoms then speak out while you can. If not then just shut up and be ahead of the game.

(Suggested Note)
In regards to Wal-Mart's partnership with the Department of Homeland Security and watching customers for "suspicious activity". Wal-Mart is implementing this policy without training of workers or declaring what "suspicious" is. Basically Wal-Mart is deeming their customers to be enemies of their own country.
As a Wal-Mart customer, I come here to buy products, and not to be watched as though I were a common criminal, or terrorist. If Wal-Mart cannot respect my rights, and privacy, I will no longer shop at Wal-Mart. Until Wal-Mart changes their policy I will not return to Wal-Mart. As an American I should not be treated as an enemy of my own country.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Do you have a listening problem?

Have you ever had to repeat something to someone? Sometimes you wonder if people have a hearing problem or perhaps they are just not listening. There is a difference between hearing and listenting. We hear things all the time, but pay no attention if we choose not to listen. We often do hear things that we othertimes overlook when we listen for them. We hear noises all the time, yet we get used to it and go on with our lives as we get used to the sounds.Are we being listened to or are we being heard?

You may at times have to do things to get people's attention. There is the old "hello?", or maybe the snap of the fingers, or maybe even a gentle tap on the shoulder. Eventually you just want to grab the person by the ears and look them square in the eyes and say "are you listening to anything I am saying?". Eventually you just have to take your conversation elesewhere.

So it is with the GOP. I have a question for them. Are you listening? The DNC got the message this past election. The extreme left got the message this past election. But did the GOP get the message? My answer is that apparently they did not. We recently discussed holding the feet of our newly elected officials to the fire. Someone said "well give them a chance, some aren't even sworn in yet".

But we did give them a chance. We elected them! Now as the GOP sets up house and hand picks their leadership, we see that the group that gave them the leadership is not being considered for any leadership positions. That group that gave them the chance is the Tea Party. So again I ask the GOP are you listening. Perhaps we need to get their attention? Perhaps its just that they have a short attention span? I for one feel that we need to work as hard to keep their attention as we did to get it to start with. We in the Tea Party did not come onto the scene just to go along for the ride. We came to reclaim what is ours. We in the Tea Party are not a tool of a political party, but the party is a tool of the people.

So what do we do? Many things. For one we need to have candidates in waiting in order to replace those who have a hearing problem. They need to know that if we feel that they are not listening that they are expendable. If the tool of the people does not work then its time to pull out a new tool. This is a middle to long term project. But what of the short term? One idea is to send a message to the GOP as the one we sent two weeks ago didn't seem to sink in. Perhaps a movement to change your party affiliation at your local board of elections? Maybe a change in registration to Independent? This would send a loud and clear message that we are owned by no one. The Tea Party is not here to follow the GOP. If the GOP chooses not to listen, then the GOP will be left behind as well. I would like for the GOP to choose to go back to its roots. We have some very good newly elected officials who did get the message and are repeating it well. But overall, I feel that we have much work to do. So what say you to the idea of getting an attention grabber? If we show a massive change in registration will the GOP see that we are serious and that we are here to stay? Will they see that they are supposed to serve us? Some may think that this may hurt the GOP. But the truth is that should the GOP revert back to 1994 form after that message was sent, the GOP will hurt itself. They will be their own worst enemy. The people have had enough. Its not time to stop speaking just because they are not listening. Its time to speak louder. So what say you? Is changing affiliation a good idea to grap the GOP's attention. Hello? Do you hear me?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Coming to a middle school near you

So why are illegals a danger? here is another story of how young they recruit their criminals.

Mexican Boy, 12, Wanted in Gruesome Cartel Killings

Published November 12, 2010
| The Sun

A sadistic drug-gang hitman is wanted for carrying out a series of horrific killings in Mexico -- and he's only 12 years old.

The boy -- known only as El Ponchis, or The Cloak -- is suspected to be the paid executioner for a cartel locked in a war for control of the lucrative cocaine trade. He is believed to have tortured and slaughtered dozens of gangland enemies.

The boy's trademark murders involve slitting the throats of victims with a deep cutting technique known as Degollar, which leaves the head hanging by a thread, and grisly videos circulating on the Internet show victims having their throats slashed.

Another clip shows him battering a man with a club bearing the initials SPC, short for South Pacific Drug Cartel.

The youthful killer, whose name is not known, was picked for his psychopathic brutality and child-like devotion to gang bosses. He works with a group of women called the Chavelas, believed by some to be his sisters.

"We understand El Ponchis works under the command of Julio Jesus Radilla, a drugs head in the State of Morelos," a Mexican army spokesman said. "El Ponchis, who is active in the town of Jiutepec, was identified during an investigation as the paid executioner of Radilla's enemies."

The SPC is allied with another cartel called The Zetas to fight for control of cocaine supply routes.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

And Now What?

       In the ministry I have often said that one of the most dangerous times in a church's calendar year if the Mission's Conference. Why? Because emotions run high, commitments and sacrifices are made and then the inevitable happens. The conference ends. Gone are the thoughts of the work involved, the sacrifices made, and most importantly the cause. The goal has been met and people are tired.
       So what does this have to do with Reclaiming America's Future? Everything! The 2010 elections are over, most victories were achieved, and people are tired. But though a battle was won the war has just begun. One of the most dangerous things that can happen to us as well as the Tea Party and other Conservative groups is to think that we have a leg up on things when in fact we only just started our journey. During the long and arduous campaign process there were many tedious yet necessary tasks. During those times it was hard to understand just what difference we could make. Well the differences were the landslide victories of 2010. The unthinkable and what was considered the un-doable happened.  All this occurred because of convictions and with those convictions determination.We removed a record number of liberals who had their hearts set on destroying our country.
        We have a long road to travel before 2012 and all the gains of 2010 will be lost should we not keep our shoulders to the work. But what of the "lesser" tasks? It seems that in the excitement of the elections certain things drifted into oblivion.
  • What of the Ground Zero Mosque?  Was this only an election hot button or do we really care about what Muslims have planned on this memorial site?
  • What about illegal immigration? Was this also just an election issue or is it still a National Security issue? There are reported deaths daily at our border.
  • What about local church involvement in everyday issues? Do we only want them involved during elections? Its because the church slept that we are in a recovery mode.
  • And HB 5741? Will we not ask our newly elected officials to make sure that it is dead? Or do we believe in servitude as long as its the right master?
      And what of critical new issues? One in particular is to hold our "representatives" accountable. Many of my friends worked tirelessly to get these people elected. So now what? Will we be ignored or will we demand that they follow up and honor the trust that was bestowed upon them? We need to make them accountable and one way is to keep running reports of their actions or inactions.

      The 2010 Election was indeed historical. But we have more history to make. Rest assured that those who do not cherish this great country as we do are not sitting on their hands and waiting till 2012. They are active in taking America apart and taking from us what is rightly ours. So what will you do now? Will you help us fight on? We now have ears that will hear, but it is up to us to make them listen.

       We need your help. Will you be willing to give up a few hours a month in order to address the things that we felt were important leading into the election? If so come join with us in the fight to Reclaim America's Future. If not then the elections were indeed just like a Mission's Conference. I for one will fight on. Will you join me?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

ACLJ and the insulting Mosque

This from October 13, 2010

"We're headed to the New York Supreme Court on your behalf ... and I need to hear from you immediately!
Today, we are amending our lawsuit to stop the proposed Ground Zero mosque development -......As you know, the ACLJ has taken the lead on this issue. With the support of ACLJ members like you, we stand at the forefront of this national debate with a significant legal challenge ...
... representing our client, Tim Brown, a New York City firefighter and first responder who survived the Twin Towers' collapse - but lost nearly 100 friends on 9/11.
Our lawsuit initially named the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC). However, as important information has surfaced and new, critical questions arise, we''e intensified our efforts to stop this mosque and protect the sanctity of Ground Zero.
TODAY, we are amending our complaint, naming the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB), Mayor Bloomberg, and others.
Mayor Bloomberg was very vocal about his support for the mosque but has decided to remain silent - and to ignore requests for critical information - about his involvement in the approval process.
By refusing to provide pertinent information about his involvement in the project, the Mayor is ignoring the very laws that he has sworn to uphold.
The people of New York City ... and every American ... deserve to know what role the Mayor played - including what political pressures were employed to jam this project through.
Please stand with us today at the New York Supreme Court as we continue to aggressively engage this issue and bring the pressure in the fight to stop the Ground Zero mosque."