Monday, January 17, 2011

But..But...But... The shooter was supposed to be a Conservative Hack!

New York Times article

"He became intrigued by antigovernment conspiracy theories, including that the Sept. 11 attacks were perpetrated by the government and that the country’s central banking system was enslaving its citizens. His anger would well up at the sight of President George W. Bush, or in discussing what he considered to be the nefarious designs of government. "

Well now, it seems that the vitriolic comments from the left need to be recanted. Sadly, they have achieved their goals. They made baseless accusations in order to demonize a group. It's sort of like the person who spread a vicious rumor about another person. When the victim of the rumor confronted the one spreading the rumor, he clearly debunked the rumor. The rumor-maker quickly apologized to which the victim said the apology is fine, but the damage is done. To give an example the victim tore open a feather pillow and scattered the feathers to the wind. He then asked the rumor-maker to gather all the feathers to which he responded " I can never gather them all as I have no idea where some of them went". The rumor victim responded "so it is with what you have done".
The irresponsible left is not as innocent as the rumor-maker as their intentions were malicious. More of the "hope and change" that we expected.

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