Sunday, February 6, 2011

The proverbial fox guarding the henhouse

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"...The demonstrations Sunday seemed generally peaceful. Among those taking part were members of Egypt's Christian minority, who held a Mass in Tahrir Square paying tribute to those killed during clashes. Some Muslim protesters vowed to form a ring around the Christians and protect them during the service. Egypt's population is 10% Christian, a minority mostly made up of Coptic Christians. ..'''

Are people really this stupid? So the Muslims in their desire for good PR say they want to protect the Christians? Just one basic question that the media seemed to forget to ask. Who are they protecting the Christians from? Its only the Muslims who want to kill Christians. So the Muslims will protects the Christians from the Muslims for a show mass and the media gobbles it up. Once again the ignorance of the sheep shows up in the ridiculous propaganda pieces put out for consumption.
I wonder what the media would have reported if the WWII Nazis had offered a bagel giveaway in a concentration camp? Let me guess.....
"Generous Nazis believe that every Jew deserves a bagel"
Never mind that they got to hold onto the bagels on their way to the gas chambers.

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