Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Liberal Hypocrisy - The MSM is only against SOME Dictators

It seems that the MSM picks and chooses which dictators they love, and which they hate. Its not that they hate all dictators, as some are more lovable than others to them. Some serve their purpose of promoting Islam, Socialism, etc. These past few weeks the liberal MSM has bashed Mubarak and others as evil long standing dictators. They have highlighted beatings of civilians, incarcerations of dissidents, and even murders performed by these regimes. It would seem that if they are truly against these things, then they would be even handed. But that is not the case. In Cuba, CNN has a bureau whereby they walk lock step with the regime and would not risk losing that for reporting inconvenient truths. Egypt was under the repressive dictatorship of Mubarak for 30 years, yet Cuba has been under Castro's for 52 years. In Libya some 200 have been murdered, yet in Cuba thousands on a regular basis. In Iran, dozens are arrested as political dissidents, in Cuba hundreds every month. Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of peaceful dissident Orlando Zapata Tamayo. This week also marks the anniversary of the shoot down over international waters of the Brothers to the Rescue. There are reports from Cuba of mass arrests in an effort to quell a possible peaceful uprising. But do we hear any of this from the MSM? Of course not. Cuba is the MSM's failed socialist laboratory experiment, and it is an inconvenient truth to report. For 52 years the liberal MSM has created, and sustained,  the failed socialist experiment of Cuba, and they would just assume ignore it as long as possible, as it is a sneak preview of what awaits America should our present course not change. The MSM, as well as the present administration ,will be silent and many brave Cubans will suffer at the hands of a dictator who CNN refers to as "president".  No news here they will say, now move along. But as it is with all truth, ignoring it will not make it go away. History will condemn the MSM, and those that do not choose to be part of the solution, but rather choose to be part of the problem. There is Cuban blood on the hands of the MSM.
Below is a memorial to the brave dissident known as Orlando Zapata Tamayo. Viva Cuba Libre! Cuba will remember who helped repress them and who helped free them.

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