Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Co-Exist Part II - Yeah right.......

Its those peace loving Muslims at it again. But remember this is all just your imagination. 2 million Egyptians are not really doing what you are seeing and hearing. It may look like they are chanting that they are going to Jerusalem to kill Jews, but that is just a subliminal Tea Party message. Yeah right!
So tell me, is the Mid-East better off with or without Mubarak?
You only have until the 3rd World War starts to answer. After that you are cheating.

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  1. And yet in the mainstream media, they STILL are blabbering about what a wonderful, kumbaya moment this all is for "Democracy". Will they still feel this way when oil is triple what it is now, or worse? Will they still feel that way when our streets look like Europe and the Middle East?