Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt Following Iran on the Path to Destruction

Contributed by Gayle Mahon

 It is only a matter of time until beleaguered Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak capitulates to the call to step down and turn over the reins of the country. He has already promised to leave office in September when his current term expires, but that has not satisfied the demands of his opponents. Though Mubarak is trying to cling to power as long as he can, widespread protests, riots and strikes make it likely that he will be forced to leave office in the very near future rather than several months from now. In the Muslim world, winners take all.

The leader of Egypt for thirty years has been haunted by the ghost of regimes past, and especially that of his Iranian counterpart, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. Mubarak's predecessor Anwar Sadat extended an invitation to Pahlavi's family in July 1980 to bury him at Cairo's Al-Rifa'i Mosque. The Shah had become a man without a country, a ruler without a throne, an ally without a friend.

It appears that Mubarak, who had vowed not to be driven from his homeland, will suffer the same fate as the Shah who was forced to wander from country to country until his death. He faces the same maze of betrayal at the hands of his "allies" as that which was forced upon Pahlavi. Promises will be made but not kept. Ultimately, the big winner will be radical Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood that are apparently "gaming" the system.

The overthrow of Mubarak will empower the masses throughout the Middle East, but the supreme winner will be the radical Islamists throughout the Middle East who have waited in the shadows for others to do the work for them. Jordan might well be next. It is no coincidence that Mubarak has been mostly friendly toward Israel—and that he is hated for it.

President Obama can take some of the blame for Mubarak's downfall after publicly humiliating the long-time U.S. ally. In the Arab world, death is preferred over humiliation. What we really see is U.S. foreign policy at work. Obama has outstripped his Democratic predecessor, Jimmy Carter, who rejected Richard Nixon's twin-pillar doctrine of strong allies empowered by the U.S. to serve its interests in the Middle East. Like Carter, who bet the peanut farm on a cleric who his ambassador called a "Gandhi-like figure," Obama has chosen to play cards with the Muslim Brotherhood, the most well-organized terrorist organization in Egypt.

In finality, the mosques, mullahs, and madrasas will prevail. The bazaars traffic in more than pita bread; they sell terror for a price.

Having interviewed the majority of the Shah's Cabinet ministers as well as the
former Empress of Iran, and over a dozen current Cabinet members, there is no
doubt in my mind that the winds of a coming Muslim caliphate are blowing
stronger than they have in centuries. This is not the end of the revolution in
Egypt; it is just the beginning. The people of the Land of the Pharaohs have
much to fear.

And there is more. The United States is also supporting a worldwide effort to
have the United Nations unilaterally declare a Palestinian state with East
Jerusalem as its capital. They are planning to present Israel with a fait
accompli without any input from the Jewish people on their future and with no
say over their own borders or security. No other nation on earth would be
treated this way.

According to the unfailing and unchanging promise of God, if America sides with
this plan, we WILL be cursed. God said, "I will bless them that bless thee and
curse him that curses thee." (Genesis 12:3) 

The above is part of an article that appeared in The Jerusalem Post today.

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