Sunday, March 20, 2011


by - Gayle Mahon

European leaders meeting last week with Hilary Clinton are confused on exactly what our position is in Libya - see article linked below:

It really is not a mystery if you put it all  together.  Egypt is first up on the list.  When our ally and friend of Israel, Hosni Mubarak, needed our

assistance in preventing the takeover of the Egyptian government by the Muslim Brotherhood, we demanded he step down immediately.  Say what you will about

Mubarak, he has been our ally for 30+ years and one of two Arab countries who has a peace treaty with Israel.  In other words, Egypt under his rule, was a

stabilizing force in the Middle East.  Moving onto Iran.  When legitimate democracy seeking protesters gathered in Iran's streets what did we do?  Can you

hear the crickets?  NOTHING, we did nothing.  Did Obama demand a well-documented murderer and torturer of his people step down? NO.  Achmedinajad, the leader who has never been a friend to America but always the worst of enemies, the man who spits in our face?  NO.  We left these people to "disappear" or be murdered in the

streets.  Now we have Libya. Apparently, Obama is not in a hurry to get rid of Qaddafi.  Qaddafi  who is the man behind the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 and the attack

on the US Marine Barracks in 1983 that killed 200+ Marines?  The Obama administration, just this week, demanded Qaddafi step down.  However, it was said with such a lack of passion and enforcement, it makes little difference. As detailed in the above article, Hilary Clinton when asked by some G-8 leaders why America's position is not more firm said "there are difficulties".  What are those "difficulties" ?  Moving against Mubarak does not have the support of Russia and Red China.  Well, of course, we now allow our foreign policy to be dictated by these two countries?  So, what does all this mean?  The Obama administration supports Muslim countries that are radical, fundamentalist Islamists, to the point of stoning women; enemies of Israel; enemies of America; enemies of freedom.  He moves AGAINST Muslim countries that are more secular, at peace with Israel, allies of America; and have at least limited freedoms.  Obama has also done nothing about our allies the countries of Jordan and Behrain as they fight their uprisings.  This man tells us all the time who he is, in word and deed.   WHY DO SO FEW BELIEVE HIM???

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