Saturday, March 12, 2011

Don't They Realize Who I Am? I am a "Jackpot"!

Once in a while, an article grabs you and makes you laugh for the irony of things. In this case its the elitist attitude of the Main Stream Media. The MSM feels that they are far superior to the rest of the world, and that they are above experiencing anything that others go through. They are used to the free passes, the exclusive views, and the special treatment. Through all of this, they choose between what is news, and what is news that will be reported. We saw this in the Wisconsin protests when a FOX reporter was physically attacked and it was not reported. We saw it when the Union thug protesters attacked a Republican Senator and it was not reported. We saw this when death threats were made by the Union Left and it was not reported, or rather we did not see any of these stories, as it is not part of the cause.

But as this has been seen, or rather not seen, depending on how you look at it, it was entertaining to see the latest occurrence. Let me set the stage for you. The MSM has decided who should, or who should not be in power in the Middle East. Basically the criteria is that anyone that does not have enough hatred towards Israel, and is not sympathetic to Muslim extremists, needs to be replaced. While most leaders in the Middle East are thugs to begin with, it becomes a dictator of your choice game. In this case the reporter is in Libya.

The reporter is Nic Robertson of CNN and he is, as he puts it in his own words, "the jackpot".

For a few moments today, for us personally, Libya’s lies and deceit were swept aside and the real deal was brutally exposed.“Itla, itla” "Get in the car, get in the car!" he was screaming. My cameraman, Khalil Abdallah, and I hesitated for a split-second. But that's all it was. We were staring down the barrel of an AK-47, the weapon was jumping in his hands. He was cocking it, wrenching the handle back, a bullet being slammed into the firing chamber. It was only a split-second. We are free to go anywhere, any time, talk to who we want, when we want. That's what Moammar Gadhafi’s son told me, that's what Libya told the U.N. We already knew it was all lies look at any number of our colleagues, arrested, detained, in some cases, beaten but today it came home to us personally.The hyper-aggressive jerk with the gun had just hit the jackpot. There was him and three others. They were grabbing us, bundling us towards their pickup truck. He had a pistol in his belt, one of the others kept his AK trained on us too, and an older guy with the grey beard was speed-dialing his phone. These are Gadhafi’s enforcers. They were looking for us.`..."

Ahhh.... the jackpot. Why is this an issue? Well you see, CNN has a bureau office in Havana, Cuba. This is a prized position for CNN. It allows them coverage in Cuba, or rather it allows them sometimes exclusive coverage, of what their handlers tell them to report. But what is the relationship between Cuba and Libya in this case? The obvious is that what Mr. Jackpot experienced goes on in Cuba on a daily basis. In February alone over 300 times. But the difference is that these 300 or so were not "the jackpot". The 300 others were an inconvenient truth that CNN would never report on, as the Cuban regime would then deprive CNN of their valuable Havana office.

CNN only has issues with certain dictators. Some are tolerated, and some are not. In the case of Mubarak, he was an intolerable dictator. While in the case of Castro, he is tolerable to CNN. Its just a matter of what the MSM feels is good for its subjects, or rather, its readers.  So major stories will run about Mubarak's three decades in power, yet not about Castro's five decades. About the mass graves in Iraq, but not about the mass graves in Cuba. About the tens of arrests of political prisoners in the Middle East, yet not about the thousands in Cuba. About the manhandling of a man named Nic Roberston in Libya, yet not about the manhandling of elderly women who are the wives of Cuba's political dissidents.

Whats the difference? Nic Robertson is "the jackpot". The Cuban people are not to CNN, only their Havana Bureau office is.

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