Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Obama truly is shameless

Its not bad enough that he ignores the illegal immigration problem, but now he wants to pander to Hispanics for the 2012 election.
I wonder how long before our military camouflage changes to rainbow color for the homosexual vote?

From FOX
"The Navy's decision to consider naming a cargo ship now under construction after labor activist Cesar Chavez has drawn sharp criticism from one veteran lawmaker who says that a military war hero should receive the honor instead.
Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, said he understands the Navy's desire to honor Hispanic leaders, but the Navy may want to skip the politically divisive names and opt for an outstanding service member.
"If this decision were about recognizing the Hispanic community's contribution to our nation, many other names come to mind, including Marine Corps Sergeant Rafael Peralta, who was nominated for the Medal of Honor for action in Iraq. Peralta is one of many Hispanic war heroes -- some of whom are worthy of the same recognition," said Hunter, a Reserve lieutenant in the Marines who says he was informed of the decision by Navy officials Tuesday."

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