Thursday, April 7, 2011

So just what is “fair”, and just how much is enough?

So just what is “fair”, and just how much is enough?
With all the hyperbole of the Democrats regarding their desire to soak the “rich”, the above question must be asked. They say that the “rich” should “pay their fair share”.  Yet the Socialist leaning Democrats keep making that statement over and over without defining what their view of fair is. It is obviously not a dollar value as the “rich” pay the majority of Federal earnings taxes in this country. This also begs the questions of just how much is enough. Based on the socialist tactic of generating class envy we can only assume that what the Socialist Democrats want is a total redistribution of wealth. This basically means that money is taken from those who earned it and given to those who did not earn it. This is what the Socialist Democrats call “fair”. So in essence both the questions of “fair” and “enough” are answered with one answer. The goal of the Socialist Democrats is a Socialist state whereby the only wealthy are the ruling party elite.  But for all the Socialist Democrats that salivate at getting even with the “rich”, remember that this isn’t about those that have more than you. This is also about those that have less than you. You see, to other Socialist Democrats you are the evil rich. That means that eventually, as has been the case in other Socialist countries, you will also lose what you earned.
But hey, isn’t that the “fair” thing to do? Enjoy what you have as you will not have it for long.

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