Sunday, November 14, 2010

Do you have a listening problem?

Have you ever had to repeat something to someone? Sometimes you wonder if people have a hearing problem or perhaps they are just not listening. There is a difference between hearing and listenting. We hear things all the time, but pay no attention if we choose not to listen. We often do hear things that we othertimes overlook when we listen for them. We hear noises all the time, yet we get used to it and go on with our lives as we get used to the sounds.Are we being listened to or are we being heard?

You may at times have to do things to get people's attention. There is the old "hello?", or maybe the snap of the fingers, or maybe even a gentle tap on the shoulder. Eventually you just want to grab the person by the ears and look them square in the eyes and say "are you listening to anything I am saying?". Eventually you just have to take your conversation elesewhere.

So it is with the GOP. I have a question for them. Are you listening? The DNC got the message this past election. The extreme left got the message this past election. But did the GOP get the message? My answer is that apparently they did not. We recently discussed holding the feet of our newly elected officials to the fire. Someone said "well give them a chance, some aren't even sworn in yet".

But we did give them a chance. We elected them! Now as the GOP sets up house and hand picks their leadership, we see that the group that gave them the leadership is not being considered for any leadership positions. That group that gave them the chance is the Tea Party. So again I ask the GOP are you listening. Perhaps we need to get their attention? Perhaps its just that they have a short attention span? I for one feel that we need to work as hard to keep their attention as we did to get it to start with. We in the Tea Party did not come onto the scene just to go along for the ride. We came to reclaim what is ours. We in the Tea Party are not a tool of a political party, but the party is a tool of the people.

So what do we do? Many things. For one we need to have candidates in waiting in order to replace those who have a hearing problem. They need to know that if we feel that they are not listening that they are expendable. If the tool of the people does not work then its time to pull out a new tool. This is a middle to long term project. But what of the short term? One idea is to send a message to the GOP as the one we sent two weeks ago didn't seem to sink in. Perhaps a movement to change your party affiliation at your local board of elections? Maybe a change in registration to Independent? This would send a loud and clear message that we are owned by no one. The Tea Party is not here to follow the GOP. If the GOP chooses not to listen, then the GOP will be left behind as well. I would like for the GOP to choose to go back to its roots. We have some very good newly elected officials who did get the message and are repeating it well. But overall, I feel that we have much work to do. So what say you to the idea of getting an attention grabber? If we show a massive change in registration will the GOP see that we are serious and that we are here to stay? Will they see that they are supposed to serve us? Some may think that this may hurt the GOP. But the truth is that should the GOP revert back to 1994 form after that message was sent, the GOP will hurt itself. They will be their own worst enemy. The people have had enough. Its not time to stop speaking just because they are not listening. Its time to speak louder. So what say you? Is changing affiliation a good idea to grap the GOP's attention. Hello? Do you hear me?

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